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Benefits of software

Prescription software offers a number of benefits for medical professionals and healthcare organizations, including: Increased efficiency: Prescription software can streamline the prescription process, reducing the time it takes to write, fill, and manage prescriptions. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity for medical professionals.
Improved accuracy: Prescription software can reduce the risk of errors in handwriting, which can be misread by pharmacists or nurses. Electronic prescriptions are also less likely to be lost or misplaced. Enhanced patient safety: Prescription software can help reduce medication errors, such as incorrect dosages or drug interactions, by providing real-time alerts and clinical decision support tools. Regulatory compliance: Prescription software can help ensure that medical professionals comply with local and national regulations, such as those related to controlled substances or prescription monitoring programs. Better communication: Prescription software can provide a centralized location for managing patient medication records, which can improve communication between healthcare providers and reduce duplication of prescriptions. Improved patient care: Prescription software can enable medical professionals to quickly access patient medication history and other relevant health information, which can help them make informed decisions and provide better patient care. Overall, prescription software can help improve efficiency, accuracy, patient safety, regulatory compliance, communication, and patient care.

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Add patient
Admin can add new patient Enter patient mobilenumber,name address ,age , name etc After click ... on submit button during create a op address Read more
Admin can add doctors to the system. When add one doctor to the software during select doctor... department and details also enter after click on submit button during get doctor login credentials Read more
ADMIN CAN ADD hospital based medicine .All pharmacy related stock can add admin side
Referance details
Admin side add all reference book can add When you add reference notes during showing as department after upload a details
Lab Details
Basic laboratory information systems commonly have features that manage patient check in, order entry, specimen processing
Search details
Admin can search any doctor or patient details. Searching time enter only patient mobile number, name etc Admin side showing all patient details also display
View Doctors
Doctors are considered the most important and responsible people in society.Doctors diagnose disease, provide treatment, counsel patients
Add Department
Admin can add different type of department Such as Radiology, Oncology, Diabetology, Gynaecology etc
Update Profile
Update Profile Means ..Admin Can can Edit Or Update Profiles Like Doctors Etc..Update Profile Means ..Admin Can can

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