Doctor Panel

Are you thinking about how can update previous patient data?

Its our software as simple and userfriendly.So you dont think about the tension. the software can accepting all pdf and doc files can accept. You can capture all files pic or scan previous data after you can uplod everything in this software

Nature friendly software

Nature-friendly prescription software refers to software that takes into consideration environmental sustainability and the reduction of carbon footprint during its development and usage. Here are some ways that prescription software can be made more nature-friendly: Cloud-based: By hosting the prescription software on a cloud-based platform, medical professionals and healthcare organizations can reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint, as there is less need for on-site hardware and energy consumption. Paperless prescriptions: Prescription software can eliminate the need for paper prescriptions, which can significantly reduce the amount of paper waste generated by healthcare organizations. This can be achieved through e-prescriptions, electronic signatures, and electronic delivery of prescription information. Energy-efficient hardware: Healthcare organizations can choose energy-efficient hardware when implementing prescription software, such as using laptops and tablets that have been certified as energy-efficient. Green data centers: Healthcare organizations can choose to use data centers that are powered by renewable energy, such as wind or solar power, to reduce the carbon footprint associated with hosting prescription software. Optimization of data storage: Prescription software can optimize data storage to reduce the amount of storage required and minimize energy consumption. Overall, nature-friendly prescription software can help reduce the carbon footprint associated with the prescription process, minimize paper waste, and promote environmental sustainability in healthcare organizations

Doctor Panel

Doctor can create a prescription from doctor login side Doctor prescribing allocated medicin,case history etc
Search history
Doctor can search patients' details. Enter patient op number after showinfg all details from doctor side
Patient previous history
Pation pervious history , currently labreport previous doctors prescribed reports also displaying user side
Referrance book
department based referance book also showing doctor panel
View Medicines
A dosage form that contains one or more active and/or inactive ingredients.
View Lab Details
Laboratory data, clinical care and clinical trials , are the test results obtained from laboratory

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